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Welcome the new year in the office with a classy tweed look.
The holidays are over and you want to start the new year not only in a good mood, but also top styled? With the classic set of short bouclĂ© jacket and mini skirt you're definitely on the right track. Inspired by the timeless French fashion classic, this look is a fashion trend that is elegant and versatile at the same time. The black and white set in tweed look is perfect for your workplace with a short black top, long over knees and accessories in gold or silver. You'll not only attract attention in the office, but also at the first after-work party. 

And the best thing is: The set can be combined with every other look and every season. Whether with a classic blouse or a romantic summer dress - the coveted classic is our absolute it-piece for 2022!

Get inspired and find your favorite combo in our store. Start your year with a fashion statement now!