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Simply Denim
Starts with Jeans
Originally designed to protect against moisture and dirt as durable workwear, denim has evolved over time into a must-have in the wardrobe. NEW YORKER's history also began in 1971 with the salling of jeans. Over 50 years later, denim, in every form and color, continues to prove why this cotton fabric is still a true It-piece.

When in doubt, wear denim
While we are constantly expected to make decisions in every situation in life, a nice pair of jeans is always the perfect choice. No matter in which mood you open your wardrobe doors in the morning, your jeans are just as individual as you are. After all, this timeless material consistently demonstrates the limitless possibilities of denim.

I believe in denim
The classic brushed blue coloring of denim fabric has been a symbol of rebellion and versatility for decades. However, even if blue isn't your color, denim has plenty to offer. The rugged cotton fabric is produced through a special weave, making it exceptionally durable and suitable for various clothing items. In darker shades, the denim look adds an extra dose of coolness and pairs perfectly with biker accessories.

Denim is a way of life
The tight-fitting skinny jeans have clearly been replaced by the casual boyfriend pants. This look isn't just extremely cool but also incredibly comfortable. Unlike before, no one has to squeeze into tight pants anymore. The relaxed fit promotes body positivity and emphasizes the beauty of all body types.

Denim is always a good idea
Denim as a fashion statement offers plenty of styling options, but even in its simplest form, denim commands attention. A small accessory or a subtle eye-catcher, like sparkling shoes, adds radiant elegance to your denim look.

Food. Water. Denim. Let´s get back to the essentials
Denim was developed as workwear, characterized the resistance against social norms and is still an it-piece today. Whether in classic tight jeans, casual boyfriend trousers or as a jacket - with denim you are perfectly dressed for every situation.

Created in November 2023 
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