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Our Athens journey continues: The city of Greece is not only renowned for its ancient history but also has many more trendy spots to offer.
When spring arrives in Athens, fashion comes to life on the streets. We have some essential spring looks. Let's conquer the streets of this season together!


Our floral dress can be worn both during the day for a relaxed city stroll and in the evening for a romantic dinner. Perfect for enjoying the first warm days in the fascinating atmosphere of the ancient city. Your new spring looks will truly blossom in the vibrant streets of the city.


Every city trip should start with a relaxed beginning to the day. 
Cozy cafes along the streets invite you to linger. The perfect outfit: cute crochet tops paired with comfortable leggings in trendy beige. The casual crochet look is still totally in trend this year. The crocheted pieces are loose, airy, and light, making your look the perfect companion for warm days. Our bucket hat will shield your face from the first rays of sun as you embark on your city adventure.


A stroll through the city brings new inspiration.
Light dresses with playful cuts, airy skirts, and casual crochet tops make the perfect outfit to explore the city. Your absolute must-have: your new handbag as the ideal companion, ensuring you're not only trendy on the go but also have space for small souvenirs.


The new collection evokes spring feelings! 
Our ruffled jumpsuit with a spring-inspired pattern envelops you in a playful look for the perfect outdoor date. The delicate design and golden details emphasize the playful elegance of spring.


As the sun rays bathe the city in golden evening light, the streets gradually fill with a touch of grace. 
This picturesque setting is the perfect conclusion to an unforgettable day. Now, Athens' vibrant nightlife invites you to dance. With our airy and elegant white ensemble, you're ready to turn night into day. The stylish belt accentuates your waist, adding a Mediterranean touch to your outfit! 
Create your perfect spring looks now with our It-Pieces for 2024!

Created in February 2024
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