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It's 'Back to Business,' and the moment has arrived to dive into work life with style, confidence, and fresh ideas. After the extended holiday break and the kick-off of the new year, it's time to get things rolling and bid farewell to the cozy sweatpants. Returning to the workplace provides the perfect opportunity to dress up again. We've curated some Back-to-Business looks for you that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


The first impression matters, and the right dress code is crucial for that. A well-fitted blazer paired with matching trousers and a vest is the perfect choice. In a neutral color, it not only adds professionalism but also allows for versatile styling. Pair it with a white basic shirt for a casual look or a button-down shirt for a more extravagant appearance. Show yourself!


The return to the office signifies not only professional but also personal growth. Seize the opportunity to showcase your individuality through stylish accents. If blazers feel too formal for you, infuse a breath of fresh air into your work routine with a new outfit. Combine a black shirt with a zip-up sweater, casual shoes, and chinos. With your thoughtful ensemble, you not only convey professionalism but also embark on the next phase of your work life with confidence and ease.


Today, your Back-to-Business look is not just workwear but an expression of fashion consciousness and style. Instead of formal business attire, you can decide for a more casual outfit, as office attire is diverse. Comfortable yet chic fabrics that provide a pleasant feel throughout the day are suitable here. Stylish chinos or well-tailored trousers can be the perfect choice when paired with a relaxed t-shirt and a casual jacket. The emphasis is on achieving a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance.


In many work environments, the dress code is relaxed and casual. For a modern streetwear look, you can combine baggy jeans with a white t-shirt and your cool leather jacket. The mix of laid-back comfort and urban coolness gives your outfit a trendy and modern vibe. To further emphasize your style, accessories are key. A stylish bag becomes the focal point, exuding confidence and adding that extra flair to your look. Choose a bag that is not only functional but also complements your personal style – whether it's a casual shoulder bag or a trendy backpack.


A trench coat is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of effortless elegance and versatility. Paired with casual trousers and sneakers, you achieve a sporty yet elegant look that exudes confidence in any business situation. Complete your outfit with a stylish backpack, providing ample space for your office essentials.

Created in January 2024
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