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Underwear Trends
Explore the hygge lifestyle
In a world full of hustle and bustle, moments of peace and comfort are becoming increasingly important. The term "hygge" describes the conscious decision to escape the fast pace of our time and dive into a feeling of well-being, inner satisfaction and coziness. To feel good in every way, we first need the right underwear. Join us on a journey through the latest lingerie trends.


This season, comfort, style and elegance are at the top of the list in the exciting world of lingerie. The magic of our underwear lies between timeless, sporty designs and sensual details. Whether at home alone, relaxing in the sun, under a thick sweater or under a cute bathrobe: cozy and sensual lingerie is our daily reminder that the "hygge" feel-good experience is not a luxury, but an integral part of our lifestyle. Whether gray or pink, playful or classy - in 2023, everything that is comfy and stylish belongs in our underwear drawer.


Our new CENSORED collection is not just for special events, but for the everyday combination of comfort, elegance and sensuality. The diverse range of pieces allows maximum comfort day and night. The boundaries between underwear and sleepwear are blurred and whether you pre fer romantic lace, soft colors or cozy pyjamas, the CENSORED collection is as individual as you are. Be inspired and sweeten your everyday life with the latest trends from the "hygge" lifestyle. 

Created in November 2023
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