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Tie Your Scarf on Cool Days
Tips and Tricks for Your Scarf Style
Whether it's checkered or plain scarves, oversized or small, elegant or casual: a scarf is more than just an accessory that protects you from the cold. We'll show you how to creatively tie and knot your scarf. Our fashion formula is simple: it's all about the right styling. Join us and discover how versatile this It-piece can be tied.


Let's start with the elegant option: a very stylish way to tie your scarf is the "bow." Wrap your scarf around your shoulders, crossing the ends. Pull the scarf ends to create a knot. Then, you can form a bow with both ends. When you look in the mirror, you can adjust the bow into a suitable shape and choose the perfect outfit. If you tie your scarf as a bow, opt for simple, elegant pieces, like a long, fitted dress.


Trend Alert: Tie scarves into a balaclava. The perfect choice is a wide scarf, so you have enough fabric to tie. Here's how: loosely drape the scarf around your neck and pull the ends through the loop in front, turning your scarf into a hood over your ears. This scarf style is warm, comfortable, and practical. Let a few strands of hair fall in front, style your scarf with a warm puffer jacket and wide-leg jeans, and your look is complete. 


With this elegant tying technique, your favorite scarf accompanies you warmly and stylishly. First, twist the scarf, then fold the ends together. Now take the twisted scarf and place it around your neck. Then, simply pull the two ends through the loop. Your croissant-style scarf look is ready. 


Do you want your scarf to warm not only your neck but also your ears? Place the middle of the scarf on your forehead, wrap it around your head, cross it at the back, and connect it in front in the traditional way. This method works particularly well with a thinly woven scarf. Try it out and combine your favorite scarf with any jacket in a trendy way. 


Knotting your scarf is a timeless classic that works for both everyday and special occasions. Whether you choose a plain or patterned version, the knot technique will never go out of style. Wrap the scarf from the front around your neck and cross the ends in front below the scarf loop. Paired with a long, classy coat and a cozy set, you can make a stylish yet casual fashion statement. 


Combined with a stylish belt, your scarf look gets an elegant touch that also flatters your waist – for your comfortable perfect fit! The clever combination of scarf and belt gives your winter look a cozy elegance that guides you comfortably through the remaining frosty days. 
This trend has captured our hearts by storm and proven how comfortable and versatile scarves can be styled.

Created in January 2024 
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