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ALOE BLACC returns after seven years with his brand new album!
On 2.10. "All Love Everything" will be released, the brand new album of platinum awarded singer, songwriter, producer and activist Aloe Blacc. He is no stranger to NEW YORKER - in 2011 we already had a cooperation, including a performance by Aloe Blacc, as part of the Energy Live Session. Inspired by his family, the new album reflects Aloe not only as a husband, but also his development as a father. The result is a deeply felt artistic combination of family, activism and perseverance. A compilation that runs like a red thread through all facets of life and, in its cross-genre complexity, stylistically refuses to be categorized.
"Instead of a musical genre, my music focuses on A.I.M.", says Aloe Blacc about "All Love Everything". "Affirmation, inspiration and motivation. There have been so many opportunities to talk about my music. I never really felt comfortable calling myself either a pop musician or a folk musician. Instead, I realised that my kind of song writing is more thematic in nature".
"All Love Everything" is bursting with deep empathy and emotional directness; those very artistic characteristics that have established Aloe Blacc's global fame to this day. The outstanding closing song "Harvard" stands in the gripping storytelling tradition of greats like Joni Mitchell or Bill Withers. Aloe tells with disarming openness about a hard-working woman who works two jobs trying to provide for her family and child with special needs. And also with the painfully open sacrificial ode "Corner" Blacc presents another example of his emotional song writing. With his eclectic mix of soul, folk and modern pop, he impressively demonstrates on "All Love Everything" that human experience cannot be categorized in genres or put into boxes.
How openly emotional Aloe Blacc presents himself on his new album can also be seen in the recently released lyric video for the single "All Love Everything", in which he provides an insight into the first years of his relationship with his wife Maja Jupiter: 
Last week, Aloe Blacc featured on the first premiere week of the 18th season of the "Ellen DeGeneres Show", where he performed his inspiring anthem "Hold On Tight”. A song that guest presenter Twitch described as a "much needed message of hope and perseverance".
In addition to his preparations for the release of the new album, Aloe Blacc has continued his work in activism, which spans from his work towards police reforms to his campaign towards greater understanding towards mental health problems. For example, the "Artivist" (a mixture of activist and artist, as he likes to call himself) has hosted virtual meetings, participated in various panels on Black Lives Matter and police violence in the United States, and created his own series on his social media channels where he exchanges views with experts on daily trends and topics such as health, family and politics. Aloe has also recently partnered with the media platform Behind The Rhyme, where he spoke and performed in front of invited guests such as Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Rapsody, Black Thought and Shaheem Reid during this year's warm up show before the Democratic National Convention on 20th  August.