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Starting into a marvelous March
We're in for a fashion month in March! There are numerous highlights waiting for you, after all. From old, returning acquaintances to upcoming trends that are definitely worth seeing - we tell you what you can look forward to this spring!

Out of the office and into the streets: suits are back in style. However, we're not thinking of the classic tuxedo, consisting of a shirt, vest and tie. The "shirtless" suit is finally becoming a fashion statement. It's ideal for those who like it casual anyway, plus practical to keep a cool head.

Aside from newly interpreted classics, retro elements also have an important role to play. Patterns become bold and bright and the 70's Pucci look is back! There is finally an end to boredom with the motto "more is more." Stylish pieces with palm trees, camouflage, batik and so on make spring everything but boring.

Motormania, by the way, is not only a must-have for the girls: Leather jackets, leather coats and leather accessories rock spring. They give us a flashback to the days of James Dean and make for incredibly cool looks that also keep you warm. Win - Win!

Do you prefer classic, colorful or casual? One thing is for sure: with these trends, all eyes are on you.

Published in February 2023
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