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We are already into February 2023, which means that the warm-up period is over. So, how has your year been so far? Perhaps some are slowly waking up from hibernation. Others are already seeing their New Year's resolution #5 down the drain. Motivation is needed - so how about a bit of inspiration for a stylish business look? Wearing the right outfit will help you stay focused and demonstrate to your colleagues that you have everything under control. 

Ready to get started? Then let's get you into our elegant office styles... Our looks will not only make you the trendsetter in the office, but will also get you ready for your first after-work party! 


Hey fashionistas, how about a WOW appearance? There's no getting wrong with a classic bouclé set à la Coco Chanel. Based on the timeless French fashion classic, this look is a fashion trend that is both elegant and versatile, and will certainly catch everyone's eyes on any occasion! Complete the look with elegant overknee boots and simple accessories.


Oversized blazers are always a great choice and are the perfect companion for any meeting. The coolest thing about them: they are not only stylish, but also super easy to combine! With leather pieces, like shorts or skirts, you bring coolness to your business look and show everyone that you have taste as well as brains.


If you prefer to stick to pants for your workday, you can enjoy our pink matching set. Stylish and comfortable, it will fit your day - whether it's for after-work dinner or when you're working an extra hour or two. The Seventies-look print will brighten up your mood, especially on gray days. 


Tired of seeing black around you? The cold and dark color can be quite frustrating. So let's go for a stark contrast that will make you shine in the truest sense of the word. In a white business set, you will be bubbling over with confidence and become THE eye-catcher of the office.  


Grab your work bestie and become baristas during your well-deserved break! Coffee breaks arguably round out any workday and are perfect for sharing a little gossip. An outfit à la Gossip Girl is not to be missed! As the days get warmer, cute tennis skirts can finally be made office-appropriate again, and when paired with high-cut shirts, make for a terrific look. We love!

Published in January 2023 
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