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Snowy Season by Day
While the windows are still steamy in the morning and you take your first step into the sparkling snow, your breath draws in the cool air. Wrapped up warm, the first day of your Lapland trip is about to begin. For seven months of the year, the landscape of northern Scandinavia is covered in snow, transforming nature into a winter wonderland. The region's wide, white landscapes are characterized by their thinly populated villages, so nothing stands in the way of your end-of-year vacation. Come with us to an arctic winter wonderland of snow, ice and fashion. 


The isolation, the magic of nature and the crunching snow under your feet ensure that you can fully enjoy the cosy winter wonderland. Our winter essentials are a musthave - the pilot jacket with teddy fur not only protects you from the icy cold, it also makes you look stylish in every Instapic. The beige colour makes you the perfect match for the enchanted nature and you are also perfectly dressed for a long walk in the snow.


Be inspired by the snow-covered forests and fairytale castles. Whether sweet and playful or cool and casual, you can shine in the sun in the snow with our it-pieces of the season. Ice fishing, hiking along a frozen river or feeding reindeer are just some of the many outdoor adventures you can experience in Lapland. If your boots are a little loose, the air between your boots and woollen socks can warm up a little and you can enjoy your sleigh ride through the glistening landscape to the full.


Rovaniemi - a magical little place where 19 million letters arrive every year, because it is the home of Santa Claus. While childhood dreams come true here, it doesn't matter how you spend your Christmas time - traditionally with the family or in the complete freedom of Lapland. With the all-over-white look, you are not only perfectly dressed to fulfil your childhood dream in Lapland, but you can also enjoy the winter from the comfort of your own home.


As you take the first step back into your holiday apartment and hear the crackling of the fireplace, you realise how cold the breathtaking natural surroundings are. It is not uncommon for temperatures to drop to an icy minus 20 degrees in order to cover the landscape of Lapland with snow for seven months. The stylish ear warmers not only go perfectly with any outfit, they also protect you from the icy cold so you can fully enjoy your explorations. As the air mingles with the smell of hot chocolate and marshmallows after an eventful day, you wonder what else can make the day even better. We'll soon show you everything you can experience during the Snowy Season at Night.

Created in November 2023
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