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Along with 27 other retailers, NEW YORKER wrote a public letter to the federal government of Germany in response to the renewed lockdown in December last year.
More than 3 million people work in retail in Germany every day. For centuries, it has been the beating and proud heart of German city centres. Behind every second shop door in our city centres, textiles, shoes or leather goods are sold. Still.
After the long lockdown in the winter months, many retailers are threatened with insolvency and thus unemployment for their employees.
We were and are all aware of the seriousness of the pandemic. With sound hygiene concepts, we have contributed for months to mastering this exceptional situation. The renewed closure of the shops has not only caused a human cultural erosion during the Christmas season, which is so important for many retailers, but also entails irreparable economic consequences.  

Before the renewed lockdown was decided in December 2020, retailers wrote an open letter to the federal government on 13/12/20. The entire letter can be read here: