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NEW YORKER supports art project Diversity United
The travelling show "Diversity United. Contemporary European Art. Moscow. Berlin. Paris." offers an extraordinary view of contemporary European art.
Moscow, Berlin and Paris – these are the venues for the group exhibition Diversity United, presenting a survey of artwork from over 90 artists across Europe. 
Through supporting this exhibition, NEW YORKER once again shows its commitment to the arts. In the past we have had successful collaborations with the artist Jim Avignon and the art collective KLUB7, in order to design a fashion collection for a broad target group. Additionally, we are actively supporting cultural promotion. We have built up our own music academy to create a place for children and teenagers where they can develop in the fields of music, arts, dance, theatre and urban culture.
The exhibition Diversity United. Contemporary European Art. Moscow. Berlin. Paris. offers a unique opportunity to explore different types of art and artists from all over Europe and will open exciting new perspectives for the viewers. This project definitely addresses a broad audience across all borders.
Please find more information about the project Diversity United. Contemporary European Art. Moscow. Berlin. Paris. at: 

ART and CRISIS - Walter Smerling in conversation with cultural workers, artists and politicians

The lockdown means a radical shutdown of culture. Whether exhibitions or concerts, discussion groups or theatre performances - almost everything has been shut down very early and is at a standstill. For many cultural workers, the lockdown is tantamount to a professional ban. Not only are individual livelihoods at stake, but an entire sector (which, by the way, has enormous economic power) is in trouble. The long-term consequences are not yet foreseeable. Culture - a privilege for good times?

The dates at a glance:
Thu, 14.01.2021: Markus Lüpertz, artist
Mon, 18.01.2021: Till Brönner, musician and photographer
Wed, 20.01.2021: Andreas Görgen, Foreign Office
Fri, 22.01.2021: Kai Diekmann, journalist
Sun, 24.01.2021: Helga Rabl-Stadler, President of the Salzburg Festival
Mon, 25.01.2021: Peter Kogler, artist
Wed, 27.01.2021: Felix Krämer, Director Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf
Fri, 29.01.2021: Thomas A. Lange, Chairman of the Executive Board of NATIONAL-BANK AG
Sun, 31.01.2021: Benita von Maltzahn, Global Cultural Engagement Volkswagen
Mon, 01.02.2021: Monica Bonvicini, Artist
Wed, 03.02.2021: Michael Souvignier, director and producer
Fri, 05.02.2021: Rita McBride, artist
Sun, 07.02.2021: Jürgen Flimm, theatre director
Mon, 08.02.2021: Johann König, gallery owner
Wed, 10.02.2021: Christiane Lange, Director Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
Fri, 12.02.2021: Jorinde Voigt, artist

The talks on the above dates can be accessed via the following media:
Instagram: @waltersmerling and @stiftungkunstbonn
Twitter: @stiftungkunst
Facebook: @foundationart
YouTube: Foundation for Art and Culture