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Cheap Thrills
No money? No probs! Our low budget favorite triplets
Not only is the month coming to an end, but unfortunately so is your bank balance. However, that doesn't mean you can't still show up top styled for any occasion! We'll show you three different styles that will keep you under €20 per garment without sacrificing anything. 
Fashion basics are the foundation of any fashionable outfit. They are perfect for convincing with style without laying it on too thick. Black leather-look pants give you both coolness and elegance. A beautiful back can also delight! Our white long-sleeved shirt with catchy lacing on the back rounds off the look and puts you in the spotlight despite its simplicity. 

Make a statement with colors! Whether you're going shopping in the city, to school or to a party - especially now that spring is getting closer and closer, colorful looks should not be underestimated to get you in the perfect mood. Patterns make a clear fashion statement. Combined with matching shoes and a plain shirt, you'll make sure you're beaming with the sun. 

Comfortable and stylish all in one - there's no better way to describe our Comfortable set. Matchy sweat sets let you look really chic outside of your own four walls, without having to trade in your beloved sweatpants. White sneakers make for a clean look. And lo and behold, it's that easy to create a cool casual set with little effort and even less money. We love it! 

Published in February 2022
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