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What’s your lovestory?
Valentine's Day on February 14 is known worldwide as the day of lovers. Some celebrate it comfortably at home and enjoy the time together. Others give each other small gifts or cheesy love letters. But not only couples may feel addressed, because love is for everyone. 

Singles can also use Valentine's Day to celebrate and appreciate themselves, because what is more important than self-love? Not making your self-worth dependent on relationships is the greatest art and is often neglected. Use the day to reward yourself. For example, how about a long hot bubble bath? Or with a sumptuous candlelight dinner from your favorite food delivery? Maybe it's time for an extensive shopping trip again. Give yourself the love you deserve!

Valentine's Day is also perfect for giving special attention to all the favorite people in your life. So spending it with your friends is already a big proof of love. By the way, in Finland the day has been celebrated for years as a "declaration of love for friendship" - a nice tradition. In addition to small gifts, the highlight is spending time together. So grab your soulmates and spend quality time with them!

Published in February 2022
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