A good jacket is essential for surviving the worst of winter. Soon it'll finally be time to embrace the cold weather and a puffy jacket will bring some serious heat to your winter wardrobe!
Warm, functional and casual: quilted jackets or puffy coats are essential for surviving the worst of winter. However, finding the perfect puffer can be very tricky; Too puffed up and you might look a bit squarish, too thin and you’ll be freezing like an icicle. Eventually, your new jacket should help you through any weather condition, whilst always looking your best. To get the right fit, it is best to try on your new jacket above a sweater, not a shirt. If you aren’t afraid of bold color, grab a loud blue or yellow shade. If you prefer a more sublte look, black or dark blue is the perfect choice for you. Glossy puffer jackets are trending this season, they give your look a real style upgrade. Below you’ll find our favorites, which are great additions to “puff” up your closet with!
Published in November

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