Millennial pink has had its fashion moment and like with all good things, its reign is seemingly ending. We’d like to welcome a new member on the top color trend list: orange! We’ll help you to find the best way to style your new favorite color.
Admittedly, this isn't an easy color to pull off, but let‘s start with the good news – orange looks good on anyone! When you are a pale skin type, choose some pastel shades of this hot color. All other skin types can practically wear any shade of orange.  But don’t overdo it, give your closet a boost with only one orange statement piece – like a top, a dress or special accessories. Orange and black work well together as it offers good contrast, whereas natural colors such as camel, beige or terracotta bring out a harmonious and elegant look. If you’re a real fashion pro and you love color-blocking, find your new orange piece to pair with another loud color, for example yellow or turquoise. 

Get a little sun through the screen and enjoy these fresh new looks!
Published April 2019

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