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No pants, no problem
Nylon or cotton, sheer or lined - these are our new tights.
Needless to say that tights have the potential to be an it-piece, as we know not only since the fishnet hype around 2017. That's why we love tights,- they are so versatile, they can be absolutely sexy and feminine, but also cozy and rather simple. For you, we have now summarized our favorite trends and restyled them with matching outfits. Which one is your favorite look?


These tights have a lot of confidence. It's no wonder that in our looks, the actual clothes are less important and the tights become the showstoppers. The more eyecatching the pattern of the tights is, the more subtle should be the rest of the outfit. With these flashy tights, a cool black blazer dress or even just a bodysuit will do.

Only a bodysuit? Absolutely. We want to show some leg! The time has come and the no-pants trend is now coming into our closets.


If you like it more classic, you can't go past this all-time-fave. Polkadots. You can combine the dots in many ways and wear them with a cute dress or even a casual hoodie. These tights are guaranteed to become an evergreen for you, too.
For variety, we have a second option, with hearts instead of dots. Isn't it lovely? Our girly heart tights give us the ultimate Pinterest vibes. Think of a cozy sweater, hot tea, wool blanket, fairy lights. An absolute must-have for fall!


Barely there, these are our skin colored tights in different levels of thickness. The fine fabric is subtly tinted and easily matches your skin tone. This way you can wear your clothes in the fall to an (almost) free leg without freezing. And if it does get colder? No problem. 

Our Warm Deluxe tights look fine and see-through, but are fluffy soft lined from the inside and keep you warm for a long time even in winter. With this one you can wear your favorite skirt in colder temperatures, too.


Here we have two models that literally make you shine. If you look closely, you can see the fine glitter threads in our first look, can you? Here, the rest of the outfit doesn't need much styling because your tights are already making a statement. 
You’re looking for a real eye-catcher? Say no more. They glitter, sparkle and shine - your new party tights with stone trim. With the matching glitter heels, you'll attract all the attention and you’ll surely be the trendsetter of your girl gang. We're thinking of late summer festivals and long nights at your favorite bar for example. One thing we can promise you, with these tights you'll shine "bright like a diamond". 

Created in September 2023. 
Items may not be available in all stores.