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Time to shine
December – The month of joy, happiness, and to finish what you started
Coziness and festivity; cold days and hot drinks; an end and a new beginning: December is certainly a month of contrasts. As the year comes to an end, this month is an opportunity for everyone to review their year and think of how they would like to end it! It is also an opportunity to start planning the year ahead and set new goals… The first few weeks are always stressful with Christmas preparations and completing projects, but it always ends with a warm and cozy get-together with your favorite people. It is a month like no other. 

What do you want your December to look like? With only three weeks left in 2022, the countdown has officially started. So how about making these last weeks extra special? Below, we show you the three must-have items to make sure that this month is a month to remember. 

First things first 

Eat that frog: it’s time to grab that task you've been thinking about all year by the horns and finally tackle it. Whether it's canceling or signing up for a gym membership, paying that annoying bill, calling your grandparents or applying for a job - enough waiting! Now it's the time to turn goals into action. The benefit: You'll not only walk out of the year with a to-do completed, but also with an incredibly good and liberating feeling, as you can start a new year without any old baggage. So if you've been waiting for a sign – you’re welcome, here it is. Ready, set, go!

Celebrate life 

This is something you should do every day ideally, but if not, this month you should definitely pay extra attention to: appreciate and celebrate your greatest gift, which is your life. This is not meant to sound philosophical, but this month is perfect for celebrations. There is a Christmas party somewhere almost every day that you can dress up for. The cities are packed with Christmas markets where you can finally indulge without being strict about calories. On the upcoming holidays you can also sleep in without a guilty conscience and make that trip to a place you've always wanted to visit. In addition, it is also a great opportunity for quality time again, which you can spend with yourself and/or your loved ones. Something that was probably overdue anyway. 

What's next?

A new year is coming. Page 1 of 365, as they say. Where will you be a year from today? Who will be with you this year? What will be important to you? These are questions that might be on your mind now. So how about not letting them float around in your head, but making something out of them? A vision board, for example. Grab magazines or your laptop and look for images that inspire you. Be it a destination, a quote, an outfit, a special moment - it's entirely up to you. Cut out or print these images and place them on a large poster. All of these little snippets will create an overview board, which is what your year 2023 is supposed to be. Exciting to see where it can go, isn't it? This is a great way to visualize, day by day, what you want your path to look like. It might even take away your fear of the unknown. 

Your time to shine has come - Make it a December to remember! ✨

Published in December 2022 
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