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Our cooperation with external agencies
In order to achieve greater customer loyalty, NEW YORKER places great emphasis on the use of digital media. As a result, social media continues to gain in importance and it is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it. Since 2014, external agencies from various countries have been supporting us in expanding and optimizing our social media presence as a company. Especially in Eastern Europe, NEW YORKER represents a large user base that interacts with us and our content. To illustrate our collaboration with external agencies, we're giving you a little behind-the-scenes insight into brand management in the form of an interview today.
Why is working with external agencies so important to NEW YORKER?
We want to offer our customers high-quality customer service and content. Who better to do that than specialized professionals who are right there on the ground and know the target group and its characteristics inside out? The agency employees are fluent in the respective national languages and can therefore communicate with the users in a completely uncomplicated manner.

For which country/countries are our external agencies currently responsible for expanding our social media presence?
We are currently working with four different agencies: The first of the four agencies is based in Ljubljana. Our collaboration started in February 2014 and it supports us with the countries Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. We have been cooperating with the second agency from Warsaw on everything concerning Poland since June 2014. Our agency from Hamburg is responsible for Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We have also been cooperating with this agency since June 2014. The fourth and final supporting agency has been at our side since October 2021 and is responsible for expansion in the Czech Republic. It is based in Prague.

What are the tasks of the respective agencies?
The tasks of the agencies in the Balkans, Poland and the Czech Republic are the monthly creation of a content plan for Facebook, creative support by designing collages and maintaining customer messages on Facebook and Instagram. 
The agency in Hamburg, which is responsible for the countries in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, is responsible for the weekly creation of a content plan for VKontakte (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) the monthly evaluation of social media activities and the maintenance of customer messages on VKontakte. In addition, all agencies support us with translation requests and blogger acquisition. 

What is the communication basis for NEW YORKER from here?
We communicate with the agencies in Ljubljana and Warsaw in English. Communication with the agency in Hamburg is in German, and with the agency in Prague we communicate in both German and English.