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Star-Crossed Lovers
The perfect outfit is in your stars ✨🔮
For some it's mumbo jumbo, for others it's unthinkable without it: horoscopes are mystical and reveal to the curious among us what their future may look like. Depending on the sign of the zodiac, we can find out how things will look professionally, in terms of health or in love matters. But that is not all! Each zodiac sign has supposedly specific personality traits. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? We'll now tell you which ones are yours and how your style can emphasize them.

♑ Capricorn: Always on Time  

(responsible, disciplined, punctual)

Challenges are a snap for disciplined Capricorns. They are persistent and have high standards, which is why they are focused to achieve any goal. In addition, they have a big heart for their loved ones and appreciate stability in the environment. Denim sets flatter the zodiac sign and are an all-rounder - just as they are. Sweet appliqués of a busy bee add a final, loving touch to the look. 

♒ Aquarius: Looking for Freedom 


Spontaneous, original Aquarians are people you don't soon forget. The zodiac sign owes its gift for filling a room to its gregarious, quick-witted nature. A mixture of concentrated coolness and feminine charm forms an unbeatable combination to bring the diversity of Aquarius to the outside world. Bodycon dresses in summery sherbet tones are perfect for this.

♓ Pisces: Daydreamer 


Sensitive and calm Pisces are the perfect conversationalists for late-night deep talk. There are no boundaries or taboos in their dreamy, idealistic world, which makes them especially empathetic beings. Cute, trendy outfits underline their daydreaming, romantic side. They can score points - in keeping with their element of water - with a color palette of various ocean tones and details like ruffles and pleats. 

♈ Aries: Let the Adventure Begin!  


Spontaneous and strong Aries have fire in their blood and like to wear it outwardly. Bold and idealistic, they will not shy away from anything or anyone and thus cast a spell over many people. With bright colors and a cool outfit consisting of crop tops, shorts or cargo pants, they underline their self-confident attitude and can always score points. 

♉ Taurus: True Story 

(honest, direct)

Taurus are the happy people among the zodiac signs. With their calm and serene nature, they infect many, but always remain down to earth. They have a particularly authentic effect on others and are convincing in their honest skin. Sporty outfits in earth tones are perfect to show their connection with the element earth. 

♊ Gemini: Princess Charming 

(charming, loving) 

Intelligence, charm and sociability all in one sounds like wishful thinking. People born under the zodiac sign of Gemini put this into practice without any problems and make them an enrichment in every circle of friends. Delicate hues, timeless outfits and flowing fabrics underline their ability to fit in anywhere and also make a fashionable entrance that blows people away. 

♋ Cancer: Soul Lover 

(emotional, sensitive)

Emotional, warm-hearted Cancers always have an open ear for their friends and want only the best for them. They are mainly characterized by their harmony-seeking side, but they can feel deep emotions, which makes them a classic overthinker. They like to hide their emotions with outfits that put them in a good mood, like cute dresses and dreamy prints. 

♌ Leo: Follow the Leader 

(confident, strong) 

Lions are the image of the sun: energetic, strong and driven by the element of fire. They are true fighters and love cool, tough looks. The fact that they are not wallflowers, they like to wear outward and are not afraid of styling taboos. Perfect, therefore, is the combination of cool print shirts and bike shorts. Striking shades like a classic red make every Leo an eye-catcher.  

♍ Virgo: Perfect Match 


Virgos are the epitome of the term "down to earth." Stress-resistant, perfectionist, and excellent with a sober ability to analyze, they always keep a cool head. They place a lot of importance on their appearance, which is why they go for simple, timeless looks. Suitable for this are elegant satin blouses and the evergreen par excellence: blue jeans. 

♎ Libra: Be Happy  

(cheerful, open) 

Libra live on the "Bright side of life" - they love the beautiful things in life and have a special sense for aesthetics and style. A "no" does not exist in their vocabulary, nor in styling combinations. The fashionista among the zodiac signs always wears a trend-conscious look, without committing to a single style.

♏ Scorpio: One of a Kind 

(strong-willed, passionate)

Strong-willed Scorpios are characterized by their mystical, passionate nature. While they usually act open and detached on the outside, they are very sensitive beings on the inside, rarely revealing their true emotions. Feeling comfortable in confident looks and dark colors, they are perfectly equipped to fight undercover for their goals and dreams. 

♐ Sagittarius: Stay Positive 


Sagittarians are open-hearted and true optimists. With sincere interest in the other person, it lies with them to connect and win sympathy. Their great striving for freedom and independence does not allow them to compromise - be it in their job or in love. In summer, the zodiac sign shines with colorful looks that underlines its zest for life and makes it perfect for its numerous adventures. 
Published in June 2022 
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