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Better in beige!
From a boring image to the new trend color! The neutral and at the same time natural tone is currently catching everyone's eye!
The boring image is now a thing of the past, because the cool sand tone creates casual looks without much effort. Its lightness is what makes it stand out this year.

It makes you think of hot summer days on the beach or a few cocktails in the beach bar! The favourable color makes every complexion radiant and gives you the perfect casual look on hot summer days. You'll find the trend colour at NEW YORKER in T-shirts, shirts, shorts and matching accessories. Whether in an all-over look or with a casual white combination piece - with the light shades you will look good everywhere. Depending on the occasion, you can add the finishing touch to your look with stylish sunglasses and other subtle accessories. Just like our motto: Better in beige!

Published in July 2021
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