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The next school year is just around the corner and with it the opportunity to finally do what we've been planning to do for ages. Relaxing summer vacations are the perfect uplifting boost for a restart - and thus a new you!

This counts for your personal development as well as for your style. Highlight your personality with a new outfit and make sure all eyes are on you. And be curious which looks your friends will choose for their grand entrance. Because together it's even more fun to start a new chapter. Happy New School Year!   

Which look suits you and your character?


They are true geniuses and stand for curiosity. They dive into deep learning and make sure there are no questions left. Through their perseverance and passion, they manage to quickly acquire a lot of knowledge and shine with brilliance. Especially in school, this is a great quality that can open many doors in the future. Their style is classic and restrained, they love muted colors, where one is little conspicuous. A chic cardigan with a pencil skirt or a striped shirt with chinos are the perfect choice!


The school's darlings always radiate positive vibes and are liked by everyone for their kind and courteous nature. Especially in stressful situations, e.g. during presentations or class tests, they create a relaxed mood and save their classmates from a blackout. Their style does not push itself into the foreground, is nevertheless present and lets them shine. Soft pink tones, cute flowery dresses, cool prints and white sneakers are made for them. 


For the athletic ones, sport comes first. They are all-round talented and master every sport - and through their sport they create the perfect balance to the stressful school day. What's more, they demonstrate a talent for organization by balancing training and school. Our jocks love to run around all day in sportswear that also offers a relaxed, comfortable look. Jerseys and matching sets are just their thing!


A huge circle of friends is typical for "the popular ones". They like to be the center of attention and enjoy their social life. With their open, outgoing nature and the urge to constantly try out new things, they attract many people. And their style is also usually eye-catching: the more colorful, the better. With bright colors and extroverted looks like wide pleated pants in pink or the pastel set of shorts and short-sleeved shirts, they make a statement straightaway: they don't let anyone get them down.


Rebels are known for “swimming against the current” and for pursuing their own goals no matter what. They don't let anyone talk them out of anything, and they certainly don't let anyone change them. Especially when it comes to putting defeats like bad grades or exams behind them, they are a great role model for not losing focus. They are independent and like to show it. Black is their happy color - with their cool outfits they stand out from the crowd.

Published in July 2022 
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