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Laura Kensy: Singer-songwriter and Media Designer-to-be at NEW YORKER
Laura Kensy is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from our own ranks. She started her apprenticeship as a media designer for digital and print in the marketing department of NEW YORKER in August 2021. Her songs are intuitive and personal. Therefore, there is also a true story behind every single line. Influenced by artists like Ed Sheeran or James Bay, she found herself in pop music.
After graduating from school, Laura went to London for an au pair stay for one year. During her time in England she roamed the streets of the metropolis as a street musician, had some gigs in pubs and restaurants and made contacts with many other musicians. After her year abroad, she managed to record some of her own songs with the help of her stepfather.

Her music, with which she already had over 45 thousand streams on Spotify this year, is available on all music streaming platforms. 

Find out more about our apprentice's talent below: 

Your new song is called "Sleepless Nights." Do you have a tip against sleepless nights?
When I have a sleepless night, I always take a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the thoughts that keep me awake. That's how a few songs have come about. 

You sing and accompany yourself on the guitar. How did you get into it?
Singing was my favorite activity in kindergarten. In elementary school I was inspired by my class teacher who accompanied us with the guitar in music class. That impressed me so much that, in addition to singing, I took guitar lessons for the first time. When I was twelve, I learned to play the guitar again and have never stopped since. Besides that, Ed Sheeran, who I've been following since his early days, was my inspiration.

You can be booked for events. When was the first time you were allowed to perform?
My first performance was in 2011 at school. At the time, my class was asked if we wanted to do street music at an Easter festival. A friend and I sang Pippi Longstocking and Easter songs. 
My first real gig was in London. There I did street music and approached people, asking if I could perform in their restaurants. At some point, people approached me and asked me to perform. As a result, I created an account at and since then I've been getting regular requests.

Which experiences and experiences could you collect through your music?
I was able to gain stage experience very early through my music school at summer and Christmas concerts. At some point we were allowed to perform at larger festivals through the music school and so I was able to take more and more with me.
My most beautiful experiences were in London. The audience at the street music in London is huge, people stopped and sang along. You don't forget moments like that. The Soldekk, a rooftop bar in Brunswick, Germany, has also remained in my memory with beautiful moments after my performances in the summer.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In five years, I would like to have successfully completed my training at NEW YORKER and continue to be a part of the team. In addition, a big dream of mine is to release my own album.