It’s a shirt story: We like shirts, you like shirts and we would definitely give you the last shirt off our back. There are all sizes and shapes; we’ll show you our favorites.
Elegant, sporty, casual – shirts are real all-rounders and not only work for weddings or bank employees. They are part of our daily fashion routine as they offer many styling possibilities. It is no wonder, then, that all different types of collars, cuts or prints seem to be a science unto itself. The “cutaway collar” has an aggressive angle at which the collar “cuts away” from your face. It’s bold, modern and a sartorially-advanced style choice that works best for official occasions or in the office. The “Kent collar”, given its name after the Duke of Kent, exemplifies the classic look, which is suitable for both a suit and a casual leather jacket. You can often find narrow collars on casual shirts made of cotton or linen. Wear them with chinos or jeans. As tailoring gets looser and more casual, so do shirt collars. The “mandarin” or “grandad collar” is the most casual of all and has become a major trend these days. These are quite simply shirts with just a band for the collar – well, the collar practically doesn’t even exist. Earth tones like beige or nude colors are the next big thing when it comes to shirts, whereas blue remains a timeless classic. Meanwhile a denim shirt has become one of the ten shirts every man should own.

Published April 2019

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