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Our brandnew Lion Athletics collektion gives you an extra boost of motivation!
Watch out, sport- and streetwear-fans! We jump into the second half of the year with a lot of energy and present outfits that you can combine perfectly both in sports and on the street. Discover trendy athleisure styles in subtle colors like black, white and dark blue. This is your sign to rethink your sports routine! 🎧🏃‍♂️


What is essential for a proper sports program? Correct, the warm-up routine. To avoid overstraining muscles and ligaments, you should warm up before each session. For this, a short run followed by stretching does the job. For your activity in the city, in the park or in the gym, we have a classic jogging set, in white and black, which you can also easily wear at leisure. Which colorway would you choose?


Your back has your back, always and forever. Let’s be thankful and take good care of our companion because too much strain or a wrong posture can lead to problems in the long term. Therefore: keep your back straight, even if you are reading this article right now on your cell phone. Not only the right stretch before your sports program, but also specific back exercises promote a healthy back. The plank for example is a classic exercise that strengthens the lower back when performed correctly.


Ball sports are among the most popular disciplines. Soccer, handball, basketball, tennis - the list is endless. Solo or in a team, here you can work off and playfully do something for your health and fitness. The faster the game, the more important are lightweight fabrics that don't restrict you and that are breathable. How do you like this basic combination?


BEAST! Sometimes you really have to fight your way through to the last few meters. But going just a little bit over your own limit is actually the key for success. Therefore the symbol of our Lion Athletics campaign is the lion - loud, strong and invincible! Prove to yourself what you are capable of! Your fighting spirit will pay off.


The things is, you shouldn‘t do sports only for the motivation of shaping your body. Actually it's about your health and bringing your body into balance. Regular exercise can also activate certain happy hormones in the brain and thus increase your general well-being. So you will not only see but also feel your fitness.

Created in September 2023. 
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