A handbag is so much more than just a pretty accessory to complete your look. It’s more of a daily companion in which we carry around all the little things we need through the day (yes, we need ALL of them). We’ll show you what you definitely need to have in your bag!
Your keys seem to disappear right when you are at your front door, as if your handbag has become a black hole that swallows everything up. You know what we are talking about? Sometimes we keep so much stuff in our bag that people might think we are planning a spontaneous weekend trip to an isolated mountain village. There are indeed things that can be quite useful. This is our BAG MUST-HAVE list:

1.    Hairband/braids: They can be very helpful on a bad hair day when the wind blows your hair, so 1-hour-hairstyling in the morning was for nothing.
2.    Make-up bag: lipstick, foundation and blush shouldn’t be loose in your bag. A make-up bag isn’t just cute, but also very functional.

3.    Sunglasses: Needless to say, during summer sunglasses are essential. But also on a cloudy day, they can be a real lifesaver! Especially when there was no time for concealer to hide the rings under your eyes, because you were binge-watching your favorite TV show all night.
4.    Umbrella: We certainly don’t need to explain this part. Your hair will be very thankful…otherwise you need no. 1.
5.    Flat sandals: You don’t need to carry them around all the time. On some occasions, you will be very happy you got them with you, though. Weddings are very popular for flip-flops in the late evening hours. 

The list goes on and on…by the way, the bag itself is very important, too! Tiny bags in loud colors are very popular this season. One might think we only need the bare minimum then and the question “where are my keys?” never comes up again. Trust us, even in a small bag we manage to fit in quite some things…definitely one of these:

Published June 2019

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