Fancy a little journey back in fashion time? Then buckle up! We’re going back to the ‘90s!
Loud, colorful, and just a little crazy – that was style in the ‘90s! And it’s a style that’s more popular now than ever! We simply love this retro trend, which is why we’ve created a special collection featuring our fishbone logo. So… Hands up: who used to own a shirt or hoodie with the famous fishbone on it? If not, then it’s about time to fix that! In keeping with your new look, we’ve designed a little test for you to find out how “90s” you really are: 
1. What is a “Tamagotchi”?

 (A)      A type of sushi 
 (B)      A small electronic toy
 (C)      A Japanese comic hero 
2. Your Gameboy is…

 (B)      … grey, of course!
 (A)      … What’s a “Gameboy”? 
 (C)      … in an old box in the basement; it was my older brother’s.
3. Your favorite songs…

 (A)      … have always been on YouTube, etc.
 (B)      … I used to record them on tape from the radio.
 (C)      … are all on the ‘90s playlist I put together.
4. What do you think about platform sneakers?

 (B)      Oh God! I’d never wear those again!
 (A)      They’re kind of cool!  
 (C)      I’ve had those for ages already.
5. What’s your favorite game on your cell phone?

(C)       I’ve got soooo many games on my cell phone.
(B)       “Snake,” of course!
(A)       The only thing I ever play with are the new filters on Snapchat and Instagram.

You mostly answered (A):
You were more interested in baby food and pacifiers in the 90s than in the Spice Girls. But you love the ‘90s style — all the cool people on Instagram are rocking it. 

 You mostly answered (B):
You’re a true child of the 90s! That’s why you love these retro looks — they bring back some great memories. 
You mostly answered (C):
You were too young for belly tops and platform sneakers in the ‘90s, so you lived the decade vicariously through your older siblings. But you love the look, now that you’re finally old enough to wear everything you weren’t allowed to wear back then. 
Published October 2018 
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