Two is always better than one! Because of this, we are not only looking for one face for an upcoming photo shooting, we want two – you and your twin!

Are you siblings, hard to tell apart, somehow the same and yet completely different? Perfect! We are looking for exciting characters with individual styles.

We don't care if you are identical or fraternal twins, male or female – we want double trouble! Together you have the chance to win a NEW YORKER photo shooting.

In addition, you will receive 1,000 Euros of prize money each. How about spending it on your next shopping trip or, on a great adventure for two?

Sounds good? Then apply online now: just fill out the following application form together – you have until 15.04.2020 to apply.

We are looking forward to your application!

Twin #1
Please enter your personal data.
Twin #2
Please enter your personal data.
Expressive photos of face and body (we recommend figure-hugging and simple clothing)*
Max. 3 photos per twin. Max. File size 4,5 MB each.
The passages marked with * are mandatory fields.
Oops! The upload of your photo failed. Please note the maximum file size of 4.5 MB.
A maximum of 6 pictures for both is allowed.
Photos have to be uploaded.
Sorry, but the minimum age for participants is 16 years old.
Unfortunately not all mandatory fields are filled out. Please check your entries.
Oops! Unfortunately something went wrong. Please check all your information again.
Thanks for your participation! Further information will be sent to you soon by e-mail.
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