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Nothing but blue
The question of "what am I going to wear?" is taken away with the right blazer.
We all know it. In the morning, time flies by more and more quickly and instead of the perfect outfit, the first best thing is pulled out of the closet. We'll help you so that hitting "snooze" again won't be your downfall). The solution: the perfect blazer! For many, especially those who work in the office, the clothing item is already part of everyday life. Whether with a matching pantsuit or pencil skirt, the blazer is seen everywhere. But it can also be easily combined cool and casual and totally upgrades your outfit in a few minutes. However, when choosing your blazer, you should pay attention to the cut. Some are fitted, padded at the shoulders or cut longer. Depending on that, you can effect a completely different look. Our outfit of the week presents you a casual and eye-catching oversize blazer, which you can quickly express with a basic top. Find your matching blazer now and the morning is only half as stressful!

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Published in March 2021
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