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Conditions of participation for the “Friends with Benefits” prize competition on our Website
<div>1. The prize competition is being run by NEW YORKER Marketing &amp; Media International GmbH, Hansestraße 48, 38112 Braunschweig, Germany (hereinafter: “the promoter”).<br><br></div><div>2. In order to be eligible to enter, all entrants must be employed by one of the NEW YORKER companies (in one of the listed countries below under section 3, except for NEW YORKER Nord GmbH &amp; Co. KG) from at least 01.12.2020. They must be aged at least 16 at the time of entering and need to have fully legal capacity or limited legal capacity. Minors, which are aged at least 16 but under the age of 18 as far as further persons with limited legal capacity are only allowed to participate in the prize competition with prior consent of their legal representatives. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the eligibility of each entrant. In particular, the Promoter may ask the entrants to confirm their age and identity by presenting a valid identity card. The Promoter may also ask for their staff card. If in a participating country exist a deviating legal regulation of legal capacity, the entrant declares with his entering to meet the legal requirements of the legal capacity of the country in which the entrant at the time of submission of the filled out form is domiciled. Each entrant may enter only once. In the event of anyone applying/entering more than once, only the last entry will be registered. Any and all further entries under the same staffnumber will be disregarded. Legal representatives and employees of the promoter, plus their dependants and any other third parties connected with this promotion are barred from entry.<br><br></div><div>3. Participating countries are:<br><br></div><div>&nbsp;| Albania<br>&nbsp;| Austria<br>&nbsp;| Belgium<br>&nbsp;| Bosnia<br>&nbsp;| Bulgaria<br>&nbsp;| Croatia<br>&nbsp;| Czech Republic<br>&nbsp;| Denmark<br>&nbsp;| Estonia<br>&nbsp;| Finland<br>&nbsp;| France<br>&nbsp;| Germany<br>&nbsp;| Hungary<br>&nbsp;| Iceland<br>&nbsp;| Italy<br>&nbsp;| Kazakhstan<br>&nbsp;| Kosovo<br>&nbsp;| Latvia<br>&nbsp;| Lithuania<br>&nbsp;| Luxembourg<br>&nbsp;| Macedonia<br>&nbsp;| Moldova<br>&nbsp;| Montenegro<br>&nbsp;| Netherlands<br>&nbsp;| Norway<br>&nbsp;| Poland<br>&nbsp;| Portugal<br>&nbsp;| Romania&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;| Russia<br>&nbsp;| Serbia<br>&nbsp;| Slovenia<br>&nbsp;| Slowakia<br>&nbsp;| Spain<br>&nbsp;| Sweden<br>&nbsp;| Switzerland<br>&nbsp;| Ukraine</div><div>&nbsp;<br><br></div><div>4. Entry is free. Neither eligibility for entry nor having a chance of winning is dependent on purchasing any product.<br><br></div><div>5. The prize competition begins on 10.12.2020, 0:00am and runs until 31.12.2020. The final date for entries for participation in the prize competition closing date shall be 31.12.2020 at 11.59pm.<br><br></div><div>6. In order to take part in the prize competition, entrants must accept the conditions of entry.<br><br></div><div>7. An individual takes part in the competition by signing into the competition page (<a href=""></a>) with their full name, and staffnumber (given out by employer, available on the individual staffcard or salary documents). After registration the entrant receives a individual coupon-link. The entrant is invited to share their link with friends and family. Customers may download a discount coupon via link after logging into their NEW YORKER customer account with their email and password or register a new account. Any person without a customer account has the possibility to create an account. The certain log ins for the individual links will be counted and assigned to the relevant entrant/employee.&nbsp;<br><br></div><div>8. A total of 100 winners will be determined by the promoter among all participants for the following prizes:<br><br></div><div>1. – 5. prize: Bonus salary in the value of 3.000 Euro (depending on the currency exchange rate)<br><br></div><div>6. – 15. prize: NEW YORKER Shopping Flatrate: 100 Euro per month for one year (depending on the currency exchange rate)<br><br></div><div>16. – 100. prize: NEW YORKER giftvoucher/outfitting in the value of 100 Euro (depending on the currency exchange rate)<br><br></div><div>9. The winners will be notified by the promoters HR department not later than two weeks after the submission deadline 31.12.2020.<br><br></div><div>10. The winners must accept the prize within 7 days of notification of the win being sent. Formal acceptance of the prize may be send to <a href=""></a>. If the notification of a win cannot be delivered though, the potential winner shall lose all rights to the prize. No alternative winner will be drawn. Any prize that is not formally accepted will not be given out. A precondition for a winner under 18 years of age actually taking up the prize shall be the written declaration of consent to this being given to the promoter by the winner’s parents.&nbsp;<br><br></div><div>11. There shall be no cash alternative to the prize. The winner shall have no entitlement to have the prize paid out in material goods or to any swap of the prizes for any substitute. The winners’ prize shall not be transferable to any other person.<br><br></div><div>12. The promoter reserves the right to alter, discontinue or interrupt the prize competition and draw in whole or in part without prior notification if unforeseen circumstances arise. Such circumstances shall particularly include but not be limited to the occurrence of entrants trying to manipulate the contest, a computer virus, a programme error, unauthorised intervention by third parties and mechanical or technical problems that are beyond the promoter’s control and ability to influence.<br><br></div><div>13. If an entrant breaches any of these conditions of entry or provides false details, the promoter shall be entitled to bar said entrant from participation without having to give any reasons for this.<br><br></div><div>14. The promoter shall in accordance with legal provisions be liable to the entrant for any damage arising from loss of life, bodily injury or impairment of health caused by any wilful or negligent breach of duty. The promoter shall also be liable for losses covered by liability pursuant to mandatory statutory regulations, such as the German Product Liability Act, and in the case of any guarantees given. In all other cases the promoter shall be liable for minor negligence only if the promoter, its legal representatives, senior executives or other agents breach a contractual obligation, the fulfilment of which is fundamental to enabling the contract to be properly performed, the breach of which jeopardises achievement of the contractual purpose and adherence to which ought generally to be something on which the entrant could rely. In such cases liability shall be limited to typical and foreseeable losses. In all other cases the promoter shall not be liable for any minor negligence. In no circumstances the promoter shall be liable for any indirect and/or consequential loss or damage.<br><br></div><div>15. Our data protection Information especially on competitions can be found in Data Privacy Statement: <a href=""><br></a><br></div><div>16. Responsible for the contest is exclusively the promoter.&nbsp;<br><br></div><div>17. Should any individual provision of these conditions of entry be or become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the conditions of entry. The invalid, illegal or unenforceable clauses shall be replaced by rulings, the effects of which come as close as possible to the business objective. The entrant may not transfer any and all rights arising from the legal relationship on which these conditions of entry are based to any third party.&nbsp;<br><br></div><div>18. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. The judges’ decision is final and binding and cannot be appealed.&nbsp;</div>