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Girls on kicks
Sneakers - we all love them
They are our faithful companions for every occasion and they come in many different variations. We wear them in everyday life, for sports, but also for special events, because sneakers can be more than just sporty! 

You want to go out with your girls and don't feel like wearing high heels? No problem! You can wear sneakers super with our "little black" jumpsuit. So your style is not only elegant, but also comfortable and you can dance the whole night through without any worries. 

They can also be perfectly combined with blazers or our matching checked set. The style break looks exciting and loosens up the overall look. Or how about a classic blouse with cargo jeans? With sneakers everything is allowed!  

If it may be a little more, then a classy all-white outfit with purple accents and our black and white sneakers are just right! And this trend never goes away: canvas sneakers! The absolute it-piece is guaranteed to carry you always and everywhere - whether as a white or black model. 
Published in April 2022 
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