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Simply amazing
Comfortable and stylish does not work? No way!
Lets be honest guys, what kind of luxury is it when you don't need much to look casual? Grab a pair of short shorts in destroyed look and a plain tank top - et voilá! Depending on what you feel like, you can combine it with either cool sneakers or just slippers, both can be worn great. And for all those who like it: who feels comfortable with a hat has now the perfect opportunity - to the simple look, the extravagant accessory fits more than well. We love our Outfit of the Week simply because it is so uncomplicated and yet stylish. After all, that's how you need it in the summer. Don't waste a lot of time in front of the closet, make the most of your time outside. With the right clothes you are styled in record time and ready for the beautiful summer days!

Published in June 2021
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