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Cool in WOOL!
The season makes it possible: Coziness has never been so attracting, literally!
The big rearrangement in your closet is slowly beginning again. The summer pieces are tucked away in the back and the thick, cozy knit sweaters are finally getting full attention again in the front - deservedly so! When it gets so uncomfortable outside you just feel like warm and cozy sweaters. 

Of course, we won't leave you in the cold again this year and have a huge selection of the most beautiful knitted sweaters of the season for you. And just because it's dreary outside, your closet doesn't have to be too. Dare to knitwear in bright colors or get in the mood for the upcoming holidays with a beautiful Bordeaux red or fir green.

As a little tip for the women: if you can't do without your summer dresses after all, then take a look at how you can restyle it for winter with a color-matching knitted sweater and boots.

And as a tip for all the men out there: for the little eye-catcher in everyday life, you can easily wear a white shirt under a knitted sweater, for example. 

Published in November 2021
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