A beautiful clear sky spring day is nothing compared to your brand new look. Let’s embrace spring with these cool blue shades!
Can it be that Eclipse and Princess Blue somehow remind you of romantic teen movies? Far from it, because these are the names of the most popular colors this season. Princess Blue describes a majestic royal blue hue, glistening and gleaming to be associated with a calm and confident aura. Eclipse is more of a deep blue redolent of the midnight sky, which acts as kind of mystical counterpart. The pastel variation is called Clearwater Blue, a pale blue that is also extremely fashionable. Dominating the runways from New York to Paris, these shades bring a breath of fresh air into your wardrobe. You can combine them with white, orange or beige. Blue is also prominent on the monochrome now, if you dare to live out this trend to the fullest. Don’t be blue and get inspired by these hot new styles!
Published April 2019

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