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I’m nicer when I like my outfit
January - The month of new beginnings and self-discovery has officially begun.
"New Year, new me" is now the phrase under many Instagram posts, because we all know that with the New Year comes the urge to reinvent ourselves… Whether it is that long overdue gym sign-up or that long-awaited relocation - now is the perfect time to get moving and tackle things! Why not begin by cleaning out your closet? Decluttering your wardrobe is both liberating and inspiring. Not only will you get rid of old baggage, but you'll also discover a favorite piece or two that you forgot you had. Add a few new fashion highlights to achieve a mega makeover!

To make your start to the new style year easier, we have a special treat for you: 31 outfits for every single day of January, and for every occasion! Be it Party Friday with your friends, Brunch Saturday with the family or lazy Sunday on the couch - you got this! 

Thanks to our Inspo you always have an outfit ready and therefore more time to start tackling your resolutions. Happy New Year! 🎇

Published in January 2023 
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