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That's why early decorating for Christmas makes you happy
When is the right time to unpack the Christmas ornaments, bring out the fairy lights and decorate your home for Christmas? If the British psychoanalyst Steve Keown has his way, you can't start early enough. Because: People who decorate their surroundings with Christmas decorations earlier are supposed to be happier.
From the beginning of September, chocolate Santa Clauses in the supermarket greet us with every purchase. But decorating your home for Christmas now? For many people it is still way too early for that, as well as for Spekulatius, punch and Co. Decorating early for Christmas should have a positive effect on your own well-being. 
"The retreat indoors is not a voluntary action for us after the warm summer. If one remembers the beautiful sides of the winter and Christmas, that cheers us up", says spatial psychologist Uwe Linke. In the dark season we are forced to adjust to the cold, short days and lack of sunlight. Since farewells are always difficult, the hope for a cosy, relaxed celebration is a good consolation. "The decorations around us remind us every day that it can be expected," says the spatial psychologist.

Why early decorations can be good for Christmas
For many, the Christian aspect is no longer necessarily in the foreground. Nevertheless Christmas has a great meaning for many people. That is because we associate many "beautiful memories with it and Christmas can be a time of contemplation and peace," explains residential psychologist Dr. Barbara Perfahl. For her, however, Christmas is above all a ritual, and one that we celebrate with joy: "Rituals are important anchors for us humans in the restless world and hectic everyday life. Rituals are good for us".
For some people, however, it can also be a very practical consideration to bring the festive feeling of the magical Christmas world into their homes early. So they can get ahead with preparing their homes before the typical stress of Advent with Christmas shopping and before the Christmas celebrations start.

What feelings Christmas decoration evokes
It is likely that no other decorations have such a strong influence on us as the ones we use at Christmas time. "Usually, Christmas decorations arouse nostalgic feelings of pastries, mulled wine and snowy winter evenings we spend at home around a warm stove. Even if this longing is not fulfilled, there is still hope for it," explains spatial psychologist Uwe Linke. 
Alongside nostalgic feelings, however, the Christmas decorations can also give us feelings of security. And sometimes it also succeeds in giving us a little of the magic that Christmas had for us as children, knows Barbara Perfahl. 
However, Christmas decorations can trigger very different emotions in outdoor areas. While for some they are a source of delight, for others it is already too much of a good thing. "On the one hand, people are happy about the slightly kitschy staging. On the other hand, they see it as a waste of energy and a disturbance to the animal kingdom, who are confused at night by the bright lights", says Uwe Linke.

Why Christmas decorations have such a great influence
However, the spatial psychologist does not only see the romantic aspect: Christmas has long since ceased to be about the actual occasion of the hope of salvation through a higher power. Instead, "Christmas is strongly hyped by the media." And yet for Barbara Perfahl, Christmas also stands for something that is very important to many of us: "Family and home. Which we naturally often associate many and strong memories alongside."