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Bye 2021, hello 2022!
Our men's fashion for your new year! 🎆
And once again, the year 2021 has passed much faster than you thought and the New Year is upon us. No matter how you celebrate, what type are you on for New Year's Eve?

Type "Gimme all!"

Finally, you can take out your festive suit and jacket and use the opportunity to really get your groove on. If you're up for it, go for it! Feeling like Harvey Specter for a day certainly doesn't hurt your ego! 😉

Type "Rebellious Fashionista"

You are not a fan of great combining, you prefer to focus on an It Piece and you always do really well with it. Our baseball leather jacket is a real eye-catcher and simply predestined for this.

Type "Party but basic"

No matter what occasion, you don't leave the house without your basic shirt. Understandable, sometimes less is enough and let's face it, for partying and dancing you can't make a better choice.

Type "Handsome chic"

You love the classy appearance. Perfectly fitting suit trousers, combined with a velvet shirt. Not overdressed but more than well dressed. Whether in a bar, at a party or in a restaurant - you'll live up to your fashion reputation.


Published in December 2021
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