Facts from Croatia - Home of 28 NEW YORKER Stores
NEW YORKER have 28 branches spread over the whole of Croatia. Whether by the sea, in the capital Zagreb or inland - we are represented almost everywhere. With an area of only 65,594 kmĀ², Croatia isconsidered geographically small, but that has not stopped the Croats from enriching our lives.
From Croatia to Washington: The limestone from Brac is considered a famous high-quality building material. The marble-like stone has been used worldwide, for example, for the construction of the Reichstag in Berlin and the White House in Washington. 

One can only dream of this: Croatia has a proud coastline of 6,176 km, of which 1,778 km run along the mainland and 4,398 km along the 1,246 Croatian islands. Moreover, Croatia, alongside Spain, has some of the most intangible treasures in Europe. The Croats have eleven nature parks, eight national parks and two nature reserves. So, besides the endless blue sea, you can also discover unique landscapes. 

101 Dalmatians
Without Croatia Cruella de Vil might have been attacked by small Yorkshire terriers or mastiffs instead of Dalmatians, which come from the Croatian region of Dalmatia.

Thanks to Croatia, we have ties!
In the past, the tie was a part of the Croatian traditional costume. Before going to war, women used to put a tie around their partners neck as a symbol of their love. Nowdays it is hard to imagine a suit without a tie.