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City check New York City
Hardly any other city is as legendary as New York City. It is a pulsating world metropolis. The most famous city in the land of unlimited possibilities. With 170 languages spoken, it is more international than any other and is also revered as the fashion metropolis par excellence. Never resting, it is considered the city that never sleeps. So is there a more fitting namesake for NEW YORKER than New York City?
Located on the east coast of the United States, it is one of the country’s most populous cities, with over 8.8 million residents from all cultures, nations and religions, as well as boasting a world-famous skyline that has been featured in numerous films. In fact, the city and its skyline consist of over 6,000 skyscrapers - the most in the world.

The five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queen and Staten Island have something for everyone: Whether sports, concerts and musicals, bars and restaurants, shopping in big and small stores or museums and art. New York City offers enough variety for everyone and invites you to dream, fantasize and fall in love.

The city that never sleeps

One of the most famous landmarks of the city is Times Square. Crowded with tourists by day and brightly lit at night, it forms the center of Manhattan's Theater District and is located at the intersection of Broadway. In addition to its more than 40 theaters, its cafes, restaurants and shopping, Times Square - named after "Times Magazine" - is especially known for its large video screens. Similar to New York, the NEW YORKER flagship store in Braunschweig's Schuhstrasse is also distinguished by its large screen on the store's facade. Here, too, co-operations and the latest NEW YORKER fashions are advertised, giving Braunschweig a taste of New York.

New York(er) Fashion

If there is one city that is associated with fashion, it is New York. Through its facets, creative styling ideas, experimental looks or designer pieces, something can be marveled at every corner. Twice a year, the famous New York Fashion Week takes place, where A-list celebrities can admire the latest trends from their front row seats. Like New York, NEW YORKER has been able to influence the latest trends. Young, exciting, often daring, we have what others don't: The courage to go a different way than everyone else. 

Did you know that New York itself is not the namesake of our company? That space is reserved for the iconic New Yorker magazine, which has gained notoriety for its illustrious covers, short stories, poetry and cartoons. 

Visit New York(er)

The numerous attractions in New York make a visit a unique experience that you will not soon forget. 500 galleries, 200 museums, more than 150 theaters and more than 18,000 restaurants attract about 50 million tourists a year. Whether it's a stroll through Central Park, the city's largest park, the breathtaking view of New York from the Top of the Rocks, or a stroll through the hip neighborhoods of Little Italy, SoHo and Greenwich Village, New York is the city that never sleeps.

Did you know...?

1. In the 17th century, New York was known as New Amsterdam.

2. 250,000 millionaires live in New York City. Thus, the city registers as many millionaires as Brunswick, the headquarter of NEW YORKER, has inhabitants. 

3. The famous Central Park is larger than the Principality of Monaco.

4. More snow falls in New York per year than at the South Pole.

5. The Wall Street got its name from a wall built in the 17th century by New York City citizens to protect themselves from pirate attacks.