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Get into your favorite bikini - summer is back!
Summer, sun, lightness: The most beautiful time of the year is finally here, when we can enjoy life sipping cocktails on the beach. The most important accessory: your favorite bikini! This year's trends are colorful, versatile and above all individual. So be excited when we show you the most stylish bikinis that really flatter everyone. And not to forget: Every body is a bikini body!

The first trend is no stranger to us: Cut-outs have not only conquered your casual wear, but now also decorate bikinis and swimsuits. No wonder, because they make your swimwear sexy and playful and put your body in the limelight even more than it already is. 

The next summer trend is also rich in detail: playful lacing can no longer be found only on the back of the cool triangle tops, but now especially in the décolleté. They ensure that your bikini sits even more comfortably and is individually tailored to your figure. Whether a lot or little neckline - the decision is entirely yours. 

Cross-over halter bikinis are indispensable from this summer. The best thing about them is that they are super versatile, as they can be tied in countless ways and emphasize both neck and cleavage. 

Bright colors and colorful prints remind us of the 70s and provide the extra portion of good mood. So luckily they have also found their way onto our bikinis and swimsuits. There's no such thing as too gaudy, so we're looking forward to batik, animal prints and shades of the entire color palette. 

So what are you waiting for? Start now the well-deserved HOT GIRL SUMMER in your favorite bikini and look forward to warm summer days on the beach. 
Published in June 2022 
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