Four tips on how to enjoy the good weather at home without a balcony
For many people, a balcony or terrace is the "natural extension" of their own home. If one does not have them or - as at present - is not allowed to leave one's own four walls, you need suitable indoor alternatives. NEW YORKER News reveals four tips on how you can enjoy the good weather at home without a balcony.
It is not only in times of Corona that you have to be creative when there is a lack of balcony or terrace to bring the feeling of being outside indoors. A home without a balcony or terrace in some ways feels incomplete for many people. And those who cannot access a patio, roof terrace or community garden need alternatives. NEW YORKER News lists some tips on how to enjoy the good weather at home without a balcony.

Tip 1: Open the window!
It is probably the easiest way to bring the outside in: open all the windows! A breeze is guaranteed, especially if there are windows open on different sides of the house. Then simply lie down in a deck chair or folding chair directly in front of the window and there is no need to forego sunlight and fresh air. And If you don't have both at hand, simply move your favourite armchair into the desired position. Here you can also doze off in a relaxed, comfortable position. This tip works even better in a top floor flat. Here the roof windows are usually close to each other and you can find a pleasant position in the breezy set up. The light ambience in an attic is also similar to that in nature. After all, you are much closer to the sun here than on the other floors!

Tip 2: A home with a French balcony.
In home without a large balcony, some people are lucky enough to have at least one French balcony. Even though you can't actually walk on it, there are other ways to make it seem like you are sitting outside. All you need is a curtain rod and a curtain rail above the window, two strips of light linen fabric hung on the left and right - and open windows. The light breeze that now blows through the apartment, will set both curtains in motion. If you like romance, place a table in front of the parapet for a candlelight dinner just like on a real balcony.  Even without a balcony you can still be outside!

Tip 3: Create a jungle feeling at home.
It doesn't take much to create a tropical atmosphere: a few plants of different sizes, a (sunny) place at the window (maybe a hammock), and you can easily create a jungle vibe within your own four walls. Since plants are the most important factor for bringing a real jungle feeling to your home it is important to get a variety. There are numerous online shops and garden centres (sometimes attached to DIY stores) that provide a great supply of plants. The best thing to do here is to buy plants of different sizes as well as colourful flowers. You will notice, the room will have a pleasant natural aroma and the air in the room will be noticeably improved.  Some great varieties are succulents, monstera and palms which look great in small hanging baskets. The final touch is making sure that your internal setting also has natural vibes. By ensuring you have natural colours and materials, nature can once again be brought into your own four walls. Now open your windows and put on a fan to create a pleasant breeze in the room.

Tip 4: In a home without a balcony? How about an indoor picnic.
In unpredictable weather, it is always good to have some alternatives. Especially because of spontaneous summer storms which can appear at any time. Here we explain how to create a perfect indoor setting for a picnic within your own four walls. Simply push the furniture aside, spread out a blanket and place large pillows on it for even more comfort. Transporting all your utensils and food to the nearest park or lake is not necessary here! The kitchen it is only a few steps away from your set up on the floor. If you like, get some more plants, open the windows wide and enjoy the experience of looking outside.

(Photo: Getty Images)