Rita Ora: What she likes most about Germany
In her latest song "How To Be Lonely" Rita Ora sings about the end of a relationship. In an interview shown on the news she talks about being lovesick, the Corona crisis and sustainable fashion.
Rita Ora (29, "I Will Never Let You Down") makes her musical return with her new single "How To Be Lonely". A track about difficult times in a relationship. But for the singer there is always a reason to look ahead, as she reveals in an interview shown on the news. Ora also spoke about job opportunities during the Corona crisis, vintage clothes and her soft spot for Germany. 
Which emotions play a role in your new single "How To Be Lonely"? 
Rita Ora: The song is about the feelings you have during a breakup. Specifically it is about the moment when you know that you have reached the end of a relationship. 
How do you deal with being lovesick? 
Ora: It’s best not to think about it too often. It's better to distract yourself. Spending a lot of time with your family, taking care of a pet, pursuing a hobby - whatever that is. Just do things you like and feel good about. 
The song “Someone You Loved” was written by Lewis Capaldi (23). Does it make a difference to your performance if a song is written by you or not? 
Ora: The music, the melody and the voice are usually more important than the language of the lyrics. I always try to convey the emotions more through the sound and less through the words. 
You have already co-operated with many artists. Could you imagine working with a German artist? 
Ora: Yes, I can. To be honest, that has already happened. There is also a German remix to "How To Be Lonely" by Lari Luke. 
You usually perform a lot in Germany. What do you like most about the country? 
Ora: Germany has very beautiful places and areas. I always have a very good time there. The fans totally support me. Because of this I like to perform on the big stages there. I hope that I can travel back to Germany as soon as possible. 
During the Corona crisis many people stay at home. What is your top tip on how to use the time sensibly? 
Ora: I'm always trying to create new things and stay creative. Of course, it is also very important to communicate with your friends and family via video chat platforms. 
Apart from your own songs: What music do you listen to often and can you recommend? 
Ora: I'm currently listening to the new album by The Weeknd (30, "After Hours"). 
It is known that you have a great fondness for fashion. How long do you need in the morning to choose the outfit for the day from your wardrobe? 
Ora: Usually it takes me about 20 to 30 minutes. 
What role does sustainability play in your outfits? 
Ora: Many people are not yet aware of it, but I think it is becoming more and more important for designers and for each individual. I especially love vintage clothes. They often feel even better than new clothes. I think if you buy some vintage items, that's a good thing. 
You are in the media almost every day. Does that actually please you or does it rather annoy you? 
Ora: It doesn't annoy me. For me it is more a possibility to talk about things that are important to me. I am grateful for that.

(Photo: WMG)