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Facts from Montenegro - Home of 5 NEW YORKER Stores
The Republic of Montenegro is located on the southeastern Adriatic coast in Southeastern Europe. The national territory is located on the Balkan Peninsula and borders Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest and Serbia to the northeast. It also borders Kosovo to the southeast and Albania to the south.
Montenegro lies in a seismically active zone, which is why earthquakes can occur frequently. Despite its small national territory, Montenegro has diverse climates, which is mainly due to the different altitudes.
Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is also home to one of the five NEW YORKER stores. Furthermore, it is the cultural center of Montenegro. The Montenegrin National Theater, the City Theater, the Children's Theater, the Puppet Theater and many smaller theaters are all located there. The City Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Dvorac Petrovića and Perjanički dom galleries are the most famous exhibition venues.
A well-known landmark of the city of Podgorica is the Millennium Bridge. The cable-stayed bridge over the Morača River is 173 meters long and 57 meters high at its highest point.

Did you know...

...that the Balkan state is one of the smaller states in Europe with about 622,000 inhabitants and an area of 13,812 square kilometers?

...that the name of Montenegro in Spanish means "Black Mountain"?
The inhabitants call it "Crna Gora", which also means "Black Mountain".

...that Montenegro does not have its own currency? 
Until 2002, people in Montenegro paid with the German Mark. With the introduction of the Euro, people in the country also paid with the Euro. Yet their country is not even a member of the European Union.