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Facts from the Netherlands - Home of 30 NEW YORKER Stores
The Netherlands with its 17 million inhabitants on 41.528km² has a lot more to offer than windmills, tulips and very good bicycle paths. Did you know that the country's highest point, the Vaalserberg, is only 323m above sea level and 26% of the Netherlands is below sea level, which could cause some problems with rising sea levels.
Cars? No, thanks
Cycling is one cliché about the Netherlands that must accepted. The country of cyclists has about 35,000 km of cycle paths. In comparison, the motorway network in the Netherlands is only 2,360 km long. In addition, there are even more bicycles than people in the Netherlands. 

Holland or the Netherlands?
To solve the great mystery, let's highlight the differences. The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces; two of them are Nood-Holland and Zuid-Holland. Strictly speaking, Holland consists of only two provinces of the country and is not another name for the Netherlands.

St. Nicholas instead of Santa Claus
In the Netherlands people do not celebrate Christmas, but "Sinterklaas" (St. Nicholas); St. Nicholas arrives on 5th December with his horse and his helper "Zwarte Piet" on a steamship from Spain and distributes sweets like "kruidnoten" to the children. On the evening of 5th December, they celebrate "pakjesavond" and hand over presents. Despite the fact that presents are already given on the 5th, it is only afterwards that the real Christmas season in the Netherlands begins.