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The city of contrasts 🏙️
Tokyo is a must-see for every fashionista. The city pulsates in the most diverse colors and exudes a very special magic. Colorful hustle and bustle by day, exciting parties by night. Skyscrapers next to traditional architecture. Classic business looks next to flashy anime and manga prints. And in the middle of it all - our denim collection. Come with us on a journey through Tokyo's hotspots and discover very special outfits.


The island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay was artificially created and is known for its numerous entertainment and shopping opportunities. For a city stroll for example, choose a double-denim look with a buttoned bandeau and subtle styling.


100% big city life feeling. In Shibuya, controlled chaos reigns with the popular Shibuya Crossing. Direct your gaze upwards and you'll see lights in all colors of the rainbow, posters, billboards, neon signs and TV screens. Our all-over denim jumpsuit is a fitting eye-catcher for this particular spot.


Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world. From here you can go in any direction and meet all kinds of characters. Whether you're walking, go by the train or a cab, we have comfortable combinations for you, with flat boots or sneakers.


The Akihabara neighborhood is dotted with colorful signs and stores and is considered a hotspot for anime and video game fans. For a night out, you can easily spice up your denim look with cool party tops. Which one is your favorite? ✨

Created in October 2023. 
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