As an international company, a global commitment to social, sports and cultural projects is important to New Yorker and this is embedded deep in our corporate culture.

We provide our support in different ways:

  • As a Sponsorship Partner in the fields of sports, culture and music
  • As a Donor for social projects and emergency aid projects
  • In the form of our own projects, implemented by the New Yorker Stiftung. Friedrich Knapp Foundation


Your contact persons in our company are just as diverse as the projects New Yorker is involved in:

As a Sponsor, we support people and organisations by providing money, non-monetary resources and services in connection with contractually specified services in return. If you have any sponsoring enquiries, please contact the New Yorker sponsorship team.

As a Donor, we support projects and people by providing money and non-monetary resources so as to be able to make a contribution to social development. For any enquiries relating to this, please contact service(at)

We look forward to hearing from you!