LARI LUKE – the DJ superheroine in an interview
She stands there in a classic superhero pose: The colourful plaits á la Harley Quinn are waving in the wind of the stage fans, on her top there is no Superman-S, fists straight up in the air, ready to take off any second, the crowd goes wild: LARI LUKE is the superheroine that the DJ scene deserves and needs. But this superhero isn't out of touch. She's one of us. She was born as Larissa Rieß and was a host at the youth radio station 1LIVE and a team member of Neo Royal magazine. In the ProSieben series "Jerks" she plays alongside Christian Ulmen. More and more superpowers are discovered by our heroine day by day. Besides her own mixtapes, like the "I like to party with my cat" or the "I want revenge" mix tape, LARI LUKE also brings remixes for international artists like Rita Ora or JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. Now she is under contract with SONY Music and is also making her own songs - like her new track 'Out Of This Town', which has just been released. NEW YORKER News has spoken to her.
LARI LUKE, you always have a lot on your mind. What do you do when you get bored?

I love to watch DJ sets from other DJs and get inspired. And - here I’ll be totally honest - I love watching trash TV like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" for example.

What does your summer soundtrack look like?
As always it is made up of different music styles. Sometimes it consists of relaxed beats of musicians like Elderbrook or Claptone, sometimes from songs that come from Bass House, such as music by Valentino Khan or Jauz. Or even tracks that are a bit lighter and even a bit like my new single „Out of this town“. If I had a convertible, this song would be perfect for a ride in it. Until then, I'll be listening to the song in my car, which is a hundred years old and I bought it from my grandma.

Who are your idols as a DJ?
Because I like to use elements from bass music for my songs, which, for example are Dubstep, Future-Bass or also the Bass-House direction, I like artists like Valentino Khan, Ekali, What So Not, DJ Snake or Razz. But I am also inspired by songs from the pop and singer-songwriter corner, like songs by Angus & Julia Stone, Sia or Rihanna. I use different styles of music, but they always meet somewhere in their bass elements and thus create a clear "LARI LUKE" line, which is like a red thread through my own music and my live sets.
Photo: Sony Music
Can we look forward to a whole album after 'Out Of This Town'?
I don't even know when I'm next going to get my hair cut. I don't plan very much. But in general I can tell you that I will be writing more songs in the near future and release some remixes.

When we visit you at home, what would you cook for us?
Tortellini alla panna from the freezer. I like it more - and that's honestly true, my mum can confirm this - than any visit to the Italian.

What has really moved you lately?
My sold-out Germany tour. That was a very moving time, which I will never forget.

LARI LUKE is always good for surprises. What's next?

What other question should we have asked you?
Oh, I thought your questions were enough!

Listen to LARI LUKE's debut single "Out of this Town":