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Facts from Italy - Home of 8 NEW YORKER Stores
Italy, with its 60,260,229 inhabitants, is located in southern Europe. The country is surrounded by many small and large islands and is especially famous for its architecture. The country has a warm climate and you can expect up to 2000 hours of sunshine per year; so it is ideal that Italy borders the Mediterranean Sea and has many lakes! The country is a popular vacation destination and over 62 million people spend their vacations there every year. With an land area of 301.338 square kilometers Italy is a real vacation paradise.
The Trevi Fountain
One of the most famous fountains in the world is the Trevi Fountain in Rome, which represents the god Oceanus. Every day hundreds of people visit the fountain to throw in coins and make a wish. Through this custom around 3.500 € land in the fountain every day! This money is then collected and used to buy food for the homeless and needy.

The smallest country in the world
The Vatican City in Rome is officially the smallest recognized state in the world! Due to its area of only 0.44 square kilometers, the Vatican City is also called a dwarf state. In total, about 1000 people live there and about half of them have Vatican citizenship. The Vatican is the home of the Roman Catholic Church, of which the Pope is the head.

Pasta does not come from Italy, but from Saudi Arabia! In the thirteenth century the Arabs brought the dish to Italy. At that time, pasta was still eaten with honey and sugar. The tomato sauce was added 450 years later. Today there are more than 500 different types of pasta in Italy!

Did you know that the name "Italy" comes from the Latin word "italia", which means "land of young cattle"? This refers to the bull as a symbol of southern Italian tribes at that time.