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Holiday almost like at the sea - the best tips for the Müritz region in Germany
The Müritz, located in the German state Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, offers a pure holiday vibe, especially in summer, when it is hot and you feel like being at the beach. NEW YORKER News has the best tips for the region.
"Small sea" is the Slavic name of the Müritz, and anyone who has ever been on the shore knows why. After all, the large lake in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania is the largest body of water in Germany. More specifically: it is the largest lake that lies completely within Germany. The Steinhuder Meer occupies 2nd place.

Location of the Müritz
The Müritz, situated between Waren (Müritz) Rechlin, Röbel (Müritz) and the Müritz-National Park, is up to 31 metres deep, at the longest part is about 28 kilometres long and at the broadest about 13 kilometres wide. Putting this aside the Müritz is one of very many lakes within the Meck-Lenburg district. The area is also called “Land of the 1000 Lakes” and for good reason! It is no surprise that watersports play an important role here. 
You would be mistaken if you called the Müritz the Müritzsee. The latter is a smaller nearby lake, which lies near Buchholz and is connected to the larger lake by the Müritzarm.

Boat holidays and paddling on the Müritz
Boat owners are particularly attracted to Marina Müritz with its small harbour village on the east bank a little north of Rechlin. The Marina is situated on the Classee, which is connected to the Müritz by a 170-metre-long canal.
There are floating docks with electricity and water connections, wifi hotspots, sanitary facilities, launderettes and other facilities in the harbor house, grocery stores and restaurants. Nearby is a harbor village with houses, houseboats, boat hire and more. The Müritz is suitable for motor, sailing and houseboats.
There are some great opportunities for water sports in this region, particularly because there is little to no current. Those who want to paddle on the Müritz should stay by the shore, because in the summer there are many boats on the big lake, which can make things dangerous.

Cycle tour around the Müritz
Cyclists can even ride around the Müritz. The route leads from Waren on the east bank through the National Park and to Rechlin, from there to Röbel and back to Waren. There are different routes. The path with red markings is about 88 km long, the one with red and blue markings about 112 km. Because the path is firm and flat, it is suitable for families with children. It is also possible to stay overnight in a holiday village, at a campsite or a hotel.
Hiking in the Müritz National Park
For hikers, the choice is equally large. The Müritz National Park trail marked with a blue "M" is particularly attractive. It is almost 177 km long in total and can be easily walked in nine to ten stages. Of course, you can also limit yourself to individual sections. The best starting point is the old town of Waren.
Photos: dpa – picture alliance
The most beautiful beaches at the Müritz
The Müritz region is also perfectly located if you want a family holiday at the beach and a few adventures in nature. There are several beaches right by the lake:
  • Röbel: Public bathing beach (beach road, with snack bar, WC, playground).
  • Waren: Public swimming pool (guarded, family friendly, with beach volleyball courts, playground, water slide, non-swimming, changing rooms, WC, catering).
  • Ecktannen: (at the campsite named Ecktannen; guarded, child-friendly, with playground, barbecue area, WC and catering).
  • Lake Feisneck: Natural shore, guarded bathing area with a footbridge.
  • Rechlin: tiny bathing beach (large lawn for sunbathing, beach volleyball field)
Excursion destinations on the Müritz
Excursions to the Müritz bear forest - a facility where bears from captivity or rescued from poor conditions find an animal-friendly home - provide a change. Also worth visiting: the Müritzeum in Waren. This name refers to the largest freshwater aquarium for native fish in Germany. One of the facilities main attractions is an exciting addition to the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund, a 60-centimetre long fish: the golden pike, which is an albino - a rarity. The Müritzeum shows even more animals and plants from the Müritz region. That is more exciting than any biology class!
The best time to travel
Those who prefer to take a bathing-holiday should definitely visit the Müritz in summer. Spring and autumn are good times to visit for walking and cycling. Even in winter it is worth a visit, because many hotels have their own wellness areas, there are holiday homes that come with saunas and whirlpools, and in Röbel the Müritz-Therme is a tempting place to visit.