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Facts about Moldova – Most recent member of the NEW YORKER family
Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and is home to about 3,546,000 inhabitants. The former part of the Soviet Union has a diverse landscape of forests, rocky hills and vineyards. In the capital Chişinău you can find Soviet-style architecture as well as the National History Museum with art and ethnographic collections, which show the cultural connections to its neighbour Romania.
With branch #45001 in the Moldavian capital Chişinău NEW YORKER celebrates its 46th market entry! Since 03.12.2020 the Moldovans have been able to shop for the latest trends and most stylish outfits in the new store.  

The most unpopular destination?
In 2017 the country became famous for being the least popular destination in Europe and even one of the least popular destinations in the world. In 2017 (?) only 17,500 tourists travelled to Moldova. By comparison, over 58 million traveled to Italy in the same year. But this disadvantage can also be a big plus.

We are all to being on holiday and seeing locals getting annoyed at tourists. In Moldova this is no problem! On the contrary: Moldovans are considered hospitable, which is why it not uncommon for them to invite newcomers into their homes. In these welcoming settings, you can get insider tourist tips and enjoy dishes of traditional cuisine. Plenty of wine is served to go with it.

Moldova - The Wine Republic
Who would have thought it: Moldova is actually also known for its great wine. Every year in October this is celebrated with a wine festival, for which there is even a national holiday.
But the country is not only home to wine lovers, but also to the world's largest wine cellar. The underground tunnel system extends over 250 kilometers, 55 of which are used to store 1.5 million bottles. With this, the cellar has made it into the Guinness Book of Records. 

Untouched nature
The pleasant climate provides the perfect conditions for the growth of diverse flora and fauna. You can discover some beautiful and untouched natural spaces in Moldova. Waterfalls, lavender fields and wild horses will not leave you unimpressed. Totally idyllic!
On the Butuceni Hill, in the middle of natural landscape, there is the cave monastery "Mănăstirea Peștera", which is still today one of the most important places for believers.